Below are the navigational steps to access and input scores, followed by the how-to guide for correctly scoring a match.


Login to > Admin > Team Leagues > Scores


Accessing The Correct Scoring Area

Step 1) Make sure you’re logged in, then click ‘Admin’

Step 2) Click ‘Team Leagues’, then click ‘Scores’

From here, you can add scores for the match – continue reading for the proper way to input scores.


How To Properly Input Scoring

Below will be two images. The first may seem overwhelming, but please read below. The second image is simply a clean image of what proper scoring (3rd set tie-breaker) should look like.

Step 1) Input the players for the Home and Away teams that played Line 1, 2, 3, etc.

Step 2) Input the scores, Choose the winning team, then hit ‘Submit Scores’

The scoring process might be complicated, but it is essentially this:

The white squares (highlighted in blue) are where you score the individual Games won from that Set (denoted at top).

The gray squares (highlighted in red) immediately to the right of the white squares are where you will score Tie-Break points, if they occurred.

Please Note: The 3rd Set, if played as a 10-point tie-breaker, will be scored as a 1 or 0 in the white square (1 for the winner of the tie-break) followed by the tie-break score in the gray square.

The ‘Select a Team’ dropdown, to the right of the scoring fields, has options for forfeits, etc. If you cannot score a match,  choose the appropriate option.

The ‘points’ at the bottom of the page will auto-populate based on the winner that you’ve selected and how you’ve scored the match. If they are not populating or populating incorrectly, it’s very likely that the scoring process has some errors in it that will need to be addressed.

Notice that the zeros are not necessarily needed in the tie-breaker column if there was no tie-breaker played.