D League Guidelines 2021-2022

Weekday league – 9:30am Friday matches, 4 positions
Weekend League – 11:00am Saturday matches, 3 positions

Player registrations are open all season long. You can add a new player to your roster whenever you’d like!

Coaching / Spectators

Pros/Coaches can be available during warm-ups and after the 2nd set, if a tie-breaker is to be played.

The above are the ONLY times this is allowed.

While the 1st and 2nd set are being played, in-between games and sets, and during play, no coaching.

Please check with Club/Facility/Other Captain about bringing spectators. While a few should be fine, we don’t know. That’s up to the Home Courts.

Don’t distract any player/team.

Keep it cool! We’re all here to have fun!

If there are issues or concerns, contact us!


Subs must be listed by name on the roster prior to play. Contact us at firstcoasttennis@gmail.com to have us add them.

Teams must first exhaust all players on their roster before playing a substitute.

Subs cannot come from the Country Club C, Working Women’s C, First Coast C1 rosters. They can come from the First Coast C2 (Tuesday League) roster.

They can come from your club.

You can only play 2 subs per match, and they must play line #1.

Team Management

Entering scores, finding your schedule/other captains info, and other team management options can be found after logging into tenniscores.

Try this link, and login, then click on Admin at the top, or Team Management on the left.


Set Rules / Tie Breakers

Games will be played with Advantage Play (ad play). Deuce > Advantage > Win

Sets will end when a team wins 6 games (ex. 6 – 1).

You will play 2 Sets of 6 games. If tied, the 3rd set will be a 10-point tie-breaker (win by 2).

When a tie-breaker has to played, teams can opt to switch who will serve first (the order decided here remains for the tie-breaker).

The team who would have started serving the 3rd set will serve the first point of the tie-breaker. The next two points will be served by the opposing team.

After the first point from the person first to serve, each player serves two points, then the next person due to serve.. serves!

After the first point, teams will change sides. After 4 more points are played, teams will change again. Change after the first point, then after every 4 points.

Points are scored 1,2,3, etc. First team to get 10 points, winning by 2, wins! Example: if the score is 8-10, there will be a winner. If the score is 9-10, you must play until there is a 2 point lead (ex. 9-11 or 10-12, etc).


If you must forfeit a line, it will begin at the bottom and move up. You can’t forfeit line #1 and play line #2 and #3, etc.

Match Re-scheduling

Rescheduling can occur for a few reasons. Please try your best to not re-schedule matches. However, if weather happens, that’s a good reason.

The home team will provide the away team with 3 new date options for the rescheduled match.

Once rescheduled, the match will be played on that date, at the set time.

If weather strikes twice, just contact us. =)

Warming Up & Match Start Time

Warm-up typically begins about 15 minutes prior to match start time. Coordinate with the other team if you’d like.

Please begin play at the set match start time.

Clubs have expressed and stressed the importance of finishing matches in a timely fashion. This means starting in a timely fashion.

Captain should exchange line-ups before the match starts, 15 minutes prior to start time.

Players should head straight to their play court after warmup. NO CONGREGATING.

We might add more to this. If it’s a pretty important change, we’ll let you know via email.